1. point

    2013.01.15 17:34
    (연결 점 Sun ) in Space Solar system -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- civill --> 기록 ( 점유. 물권 . 채권. 변동 protect position. 지구궤도. 보호궤도. 보호점 ) --> office ( 연결*점 sun 조율 점 ) <-- 기록 ( 점유. 물권. 채권. 변동 protect position 지구궤도. 보호궤도. 보호점 ) <-- civill -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 보호 system 물 property --> only 생성 create 물 property --> 권 ---------------> 변동 change
  2. Zovuyo

    2012.12.30 21:55
    That kind of tinhikng shows you're on top of your game
  3. Jeffrey

    2012.12.30 21:11
    You really saved my skin with this inofrmtaion. Thanks!
  4. Maacah

    2012.12.30 21:09
    I will never understand ppoele getting irate with the IRS that way. Actually, I get it, I'm just not keen on horking off someone who can seriously mess with my money. You gotta figure, you make the guy who makes your food mad- you might get spit in your chow. What happens if you upset the IRS? XP (I kid...sort of.)...at the very least, it just won't do any good.
  5. Donna

    2012.12.30 21:02
    It's much easier to udernstand when you put it that way!